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Sports Camp

Sports Camp is for the oldest participants born in 2007-2010. The camp starts on Sunday, July 31 and runs until Friday, August 5. Participants who wish sleep together in their groups. The days consist of intensive training sessions on an individual level with experienced instructors and the evenings are filled with wonderful activities together with new friends in Tumba. Sports Hearts camp buses pick up participants at the Central Station when the camp starts and drop them off again at the end of the camp. For the participants who have daytime orientations in locations other than Tumba, Sports Hearts camp buses go to and from the training sessions. It will be a packed week that will provide memories for a lifetime!


Important information 

Sports Camp is for the oldest children at the camp born in 2007-2010. The camp starts on Sunday, July 31 at 3:00 p.m. and runs until Friday, August 5 at 3:00 p.m. All participants who want to sleep with their groups in Tumba Gymnasium's school halls. There is a bus that goes there from the City terminal at the start of the camp at 2 p.m. and at the end of the camp, which arrives at the City terminal at 4 p.m.All participants receive breakfast, lunch, dessert, dinner and supper.Some participants have activities a short distance away from Tumba during the day and then the whole group with leaders travel these routes together in Sports Hearts buses. During the day, the participants are in their sport's respective camp area, where they train together with some of Sweden's best instructors. The participants are challenged on their individual level and develop in their sport, but also as a teammate.In the evenings, Sports Heart's large Activity Town is open in Tumba. Here, the participants can, among other things, play bumper balls, climb and test each other's sports. During the evenings at the camp there will be barbecues, swimming and lovely summer hours together with new friends. On site are the leaders and Sports Heart's own safe night mums and night dads if anyone wants extra support. If you as a guardian have something that is important for the group leader to know about your child, write it in the report. It is also good if you inform the leader of your child personally in connection with the registration.



Sports Camp is the overnight sports camp from Sunday 31 July to Friday 5 August 2022 for everyone born in 2007-2010. The registration fee is SEK 3,495 including VAT. The registration fee includes an administration fee of SEK 500. 

The price includes:
- This year's camp t-shirt, shorts and gym bag
- Participation in one's own sport with around 700 minutes of training
- Training instructors and goalkeeper instructors
- Our entire leisure program with Activity Center, try sports and evening activities
- Full board with breakfast, lunch, dessert, dinner and evening meal
- Overnight at school with night mothers and night fathers
- Transport with Sports Hearts camp buses at the start and end of the camp from and to the City Terminal in Stockholm
- Transportation with Sports Hearts camp buses between the camp area and the sports areas
- Access to healthcare providers
- Accident insurance
- Skate sharpening for participants in bandy and ice hockey


The Camp area is located at Munkhättevägen 41 in Tumba with ice rinks, sports halls and soccer fields. Right next to it is Tumba gymnasium, where the participants of the Sports Camp spend the night, are at the Activity Town and eat breakfast, dinner and evening meals. There are also daytime sports such as basketball, table tennis, dance, football, handball, floorball, ice hockey, mountain biking, chess and singing. Athletics has its camp area a few kilometers away at Röstu Hage in Tumba. For those participating in the Sports Camp, a camp bus runs between the different areas morning and evening.

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