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The Sports Heart Foundation is a non-profit organization whose task is to work for all children's right to sport and health through education, projects and advocacy. Through the Sports Heart Foundation, you can receive support as a private person or association. If you run a company and want to ensure the quality of your sponsorship in sports, we will help you find the project that you want to support. If you would like more information about how you can benefit from our foundation, email your request to and notice your email Foundation.. 

Sports Heart foundation



Anyone aged 16 and over can apply for social leadership training at the Sports Heart Academy. If you are accepted, the education is free of charge and you get a paid internship. To apply, go under the Academy tab and click on the top blue button where it says Apply here.

Hockey Mom

Sports Heart, in collaboration with New York Rangers star Mika Zibanejad and his agent Monir Kalgoum at Elite Hockey Agency, awarded the Hockey Mom of the Year scholarship in the summer of 2019. The scholarship was SEK 25,000.


of the year

Together with Mika and Monir, the Fire Spirit of the Year scholarship was also awarded in the summer of 2019. The scholarship was SEK 25,000.

Support us

Through the Sports Heart Foundation, we collect funds that subsidize other areas of activity. Thanks to support from companies, organizations and private individuals, we can offer our camp and educational activities to more people.

Do you or your company want to support Sports Heart's work for all children's right to sport?


Otherwise, Swish any amount to 123 188 09 39 and mark the donation with "For all children's right to sport and health"​

If you want to know more about how your company can support the Sports Heart Foundation, contact us at and mark your email as Support.

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